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The Minutes of Our Last Meeting – “Do Me, Dotard”

The committee had a rather snippy debate about North Korea and Donald Trump. By a majority of one, it was decided that in a war of insults, “dotard” destroys “rocket man”. No one knew what a “dotard” was, but figured the t-a-r-d part made it pretty bad. We decided it was not unreasonable to believe The United States should concede all power and property to North Korea based on insults alone.

As it has become standard with these things, I heard a metric ton of negative response to the two Netflix comedy specials featuring Chappelle's return to the stand up stage before I sat down and watched them.

Over at, Damon Young posits Chappelle's humor is grounded in a time that has passed and others simply dismiss the specials as Dave “punching down” by joking about gays, transgender folks and rape.

”His focus on the horror of political correctness, instead, felt like something you’d expect to come from a megarich 43-year-old man from the outskirts of Ohio. Who, instead of evolving with the world, has remained stagnant and believes the world has gone mad while pining for time when things were simpler. Which is who he is.”