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Chris Churchill Saves the World | The Right to Be Ignored

Here in America, we have a lot of rights written into the Constitution. You can own bear arms. Your church can speak to the media. The media can speak about church. You can bring your own snacks into the movies. It’s all in there.

There are also basic human rights that don’t always make it into the founding documents of any particular nation. Controlling your own body. Having a good quality of life. Bringing your own snacks into a hospital.
There’s one right that I don’t hear enough people talking about.

Here’s another one I never hear people talking about: The right to be left alone. The right to be completely ignored.

Chris Churchill Saves the World | Lies! Lies! Lies!

Lies that we believe that make all of us, with our various morals, goals, drives, and ambitions, feel better:

24. Good looking people probably have a hole in their heart. And for that reason, it’s good to be who you are.

25. Your kids are gorgeous.

26. Your parents are the best!

27. Your dog really gets you.

28. Other people’s opinions about theatre matters.

29. “This is the best Italian beef in the city of Chicago.”

Diet Plan for People Who Don’t Move

And you wanted to get skinny, this year! How come that strong, construction worker at he oasis is carrying a whole bag of “Donette Gems” to his car and he’s not fat yet? 

Why come that is?

Anyway, look at yourself. Fat. Me too. You should see me. I tripped on my pecs this morning and here I lay on the bathroom floor, writing for Literate Ape (which takes absolutely no talent or energy; just the ability to ignore loved ones).