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Hook Me Up

They say meeting through friends is a good way to meet someone worth dating. So, I started telling everyone I know I'm looking for a relationship. My boss, my co workers, my dry cleaner. I want everyone to know I am on the hunt and looking for something serious, so they can send me their cute and eligible guys.

And it worked. My dry cleaner, Helen, had someone for me. She said he was cute, responsible and has a job! Done. We had a date set up that Sunday.

Betty Boop Shaves Her Legs and Hooha for Her Big Date

"Oh, I have to hurry up and get ready for my date with Mr. Wonderful. I just wish he had given me more notice. That would have been more considerate than this boop-oop-a-doop booty call. I have to take a shower and shave my legs and everything down there and clip my nails and fix my hair and put on my stockings and fix my makeup and change the sheets and clean the bathroom and the kitchen and tidy up and put the condoms on the nightstand. Where's the lube?"