Double Standard

Double Standard

By Lauren Huffman

The mediocre date. Dates that are completely fine, nothing interesting to report either way.  Frankly, these are the norm. You go out once, don't hate it, don't love it and never speak again.

Mark and I were on one of these dates, or so I thought. Over pizza and beer, I learned Mark was an investment banker with Chase Bank. He grew up in the middle of Ohio, surrounded by cows, corn, and beer. He attended Depauw University which is where he shed his country upbringing and became passionate about money and wealth. 

Did you know I work in advertising, live in Old Town and have two dogs? Mark doesn't, because he never stopped talking about himself.  

"So, how has your experience been on Dating anyone seriously?" he asked me.


"I think my experience has been pretty standard. I have met some nice people but nothing has evolved." I said trying to hide any hint of sarcasm. Considering I am active on this site it's safe to say I'm not dating anyone seriously, you idiot. 

<awkward silence>

"How has your experience been on" I countered.

"Great. I have little to no problem talking to new people. The only thing is... Well, it doesn't matter." He trailed off.

"What?" I asked, not exactly inquiring to what he left out, just curious why he stopped himself.

"It's hard to be a guy sometimes. Like, I think it's OK for males to sleep around, but its not OK for females to." 

I laughed. Then realized he was serious.

"What is your reasoning?" I asked, genuinely.

"Well, you can wash a dick , but you can't wash a vagina."

I deleted my profile.

Too Much Fun

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Notes from the Post-it Wall — Week of July 8, 2018