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Life After Hate

It starts as acceptance for someone who has felt alone and has never felt part of something greater than themselves. Someone who’s never felt a part of their family, their school community, society at large, well this is a person at their most vulnerable. And there are a great many individuals out there that feel this way right now as you are reading this. Acceptance into a group, no matter how hateful or backwards their ideologies may seem, is still being accepted. And if it’s for the first time, the euphoria is as powerful as any drug and ten times more addictive.

San Francisco's Race Problem

The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system, which serves the San Francisco Bay area is having some problems. In the last 90 or so days, three attacks on its riders have been perpetrated by a group of teenagers. The attacks have included robberies, beatings, harassments—you know, general mischievous teenage behavior gone terribly awry.

The hooligans haven’t been caught. And part of the reason for that is BART’s fault. It’s not releasing the surveillance videos.

Mistakes and failure are the ultimate teachers but the School of Hard Knocks Degree is a truckload of self delusion, friends. Your ability to eat a shit sandwich and not vomit makes you an expert in exactly jackshit except for being expert in being YOU and your poor taste in sandwiches. And, I hate to break it to you but YOU are not representative of any group larger than that mirror self you notice getting older and saggier every day.