Do You Want Nazis? Because That's How You Get Nazis.

Do You Want Nazis? Because That's How You Get Nazis.

By Kari Castor

Oh no. Polite society is being ruined. The left, according to POLITICO, is losing its cool. The PC bullies, says FOX News, were mean to poor Sarah Huckabee Sanders. WaPo wants us to just be civilized enough to let Trump’s toadies eat in peace.

Personally, I say fuck civility. Keep losing your cool, leftists. Lose all of it.

My own government has, among a long litany of awful things, broken international civil rights agreements and blamed their actions on a) their victims and b) their political opponents. There are frightened children sitting inside chain-link walls in an abandoned big box store whose parents have no idea where they are or if they’re ever going to see them again, so excuse me if I’m no longer fucking interested in civil discourse about this shit. Or don’t excuse me. I don’t care.


The next time some centrist idiot suggests that maybe I should just have some chill, I’m going to knock his fucking teeth in. I’m done. I have zero chill.

You want me to sit down and engage in a polite discussion about whether it is or is not OK to put brown children in internment camps? I will not.

You want me to engage in a good-natured debate about whether or not the appropriate solution to school shootings is to arm teachers and hand out bulletproof backpacks to kids? I will not.

You want me to speak respectfully about your vile, lying, misogynist, racist, narcissistic orange shitfuck of a president? I will not.

You want me to courteously leave you to your dinner when every day you choose to remain complicit with this shit? I will not.

You want me to cordially agree to disagree while you’re busy scapegoating entire religions and races of people for America’s problems? Do you want Nazis? Because that’s literally how you get Nazis.

The world doesn’t get better when someone nicely asks it to. The world gets better when people lose their cool and rise up demanding that it be better or else.


The world gets worse when decent people prize civility over what’s right and try to just be cool in the face of everyday pedestrian evil. They do it, perhaps, because they value tolerance and they think that means they ought to be tolerant even of people who hold abhorrent opinions and are complicit in hateful things. They do it because their parents taught them to always be kind and to give others the benefit of the doubt. They do it, sometimes, because it isn’t their bodies, their children, their rights at stake, and they don’t know how it is to be in danger of losing those things. They do it because they were taught diluted versions of history in which Martin Luther King Jr. was just a really chill black dude who got his way by being polite, unlike that uppity Malcolm X. (Funny how civility didn’t seem to matter to the people pulling the triggers on either of them.)

But Dr. King was not polite. He was well-spoken, yes. He was non-violent, yes. But he did not stand around courteously agreeing to disagree while his opponents declared blackness less worthy of respect and rights than whiteness. He did not preach the gospel of Play Nice with the Oppressors. Dr. King’s response to evil may have been non-violent, but make no mistake, it was not chill. It was radical, and it had no place for silence and placation and "Just let the bad guys eat in peace."

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has chosen her side. Kirstjen Nielsen and Stephen Miller have chosen theirs. They could make different choices. They could walk away from Trump and his noxious administration, renounce the policies they’ve defended and apologize for their complicity. And if they choose not to do so, by all means, liberals — keep fucking yelling at them and kicking them out of your places of business.

Fuck your conciliatory bullshit about civility. And fuck your false equivalencies about gay wedding cakes. “Trump employee” is not, and should not be, a protected class of citizen. “Trump employee” is a choice every one of those feckless cunts has willingly made, and I hope it bears them the rotten fruit they deserve. I hope they get run out of every fucking restaurant in America.

Do you think, when you are sitting quietly atop the ashes of America, that you will feel better for knowing you politely asked the arsonists to please not burn it down? Will you feel like you did your due diligence and no one could have asked more of you? Or will you look at the boot prints on your back and weep when you finally understand that your endless civility provided the foundation for evil to march across?

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