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I Fully Acknowledge My White Privilege. Now What?

The terms "white privilege," "white fragility," and the concept of "white tears" have been so overused (at least on my FB feed and on Twitter here in my haven of diversity that is Chicago) that it has all become nothing more than empty rhetoric.  This is not to say these things do not exist.  There should be no question as to the necessity for acknowledging these conditions that exist in our fundamentally white supremacist institutionalized system.

I fully acknowledge that I am white and male and that so much of the privilege that I have in this society is unearned.  I recognize the unfairness of being the guy who can mouth off to police and have a far better chance of surviving the encounter than my black or brown neighbors.  I comprehend the lack of equity in the reality that I make more money than my female counterparts and that I am far less likely to be sexually harassed or objectified than them.

I've read "The New Jim Crow" and watched the documentary "13th".  I've researched the causes of this racist patriarchy and the consequences of it on generations of women and black citizens.  I can quote the stats, point out the flaws, and understand exactly where I fit in this system.

Now what?