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On Fear and Silence

When I watched Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee, I felt her desire to be believed, and her fear that she wouldn’t be, as palpably as if it were my own.

It is my own.

I am afraid to tell this story. I’m afraid to put it out into the world and let others judge its seriousness and its veracity.

Don't Give Me a Hard Time About Condoms and Other Pickup One-Night Stand Caveats

There are certain things you shouldn't do without asking first or negotiating beforehand. And you shouldn't get all pissy if you're denied. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • pissing on my face
  • ass to vagina or ass to mouth
  • verbal abuse (Though the usual dirty talk is okay and even preferred)
  • anything that breaks or significantly marks the skin (Although, I get a kick out of having to cover hickeys with concealer before I go to work the next day. Makes me feel like a teenager.)

You Aren’t Harvey Weinstein So Calm Down


On the heels of the not so surprising news that a mega-wealthy, older, white, Hollywood power broker turned out to be a serial sexual harasser there are now articles and statuses and tweets going around that other men are now afraid to meet with women because they might then be accused of the same. 

Calm down, already.