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I Know You're Depressed, But What Am I?

This depression is not the cryptic voice of a mountain shaman, filled with deep truths waiting to be deciphered. It is apart from me. It’s goal is only pain, not enlightenment. It is the voice of a playground bully, intentionally finding old wounds to pick at, cruelly leveraging insecurities and cherry-picking past events to spin as negative. Nothing more.

Escaping Hell

I had always wondered what the descent into hell is like. For the record, it was nothing like I had imagined. The drop was unknowing. It was innocent and comforting. I felt understood. The initial plunge into Satan’s lair was my first conversation with Frank.

The Jason Chin Model For Socio-Political Revolution

If you knew him, and a lot of people did, ahead of time fair warning; This isn’t a story about Jason Chin specifically. He’s a guy I and a lot of people remember fondly, and he’s an important part of the story, but I don’t want you to feel baited and switched on like this essay’s title was the trailer for Across The Universe. Great trailer, by the way. Trailer.

Anyways, he’s a small character in a larger but still itself small story. If you indulge me with your patience I think you’ll see that there is a point to that. Also, among the stories I could have told to illustrate same point I chose this one because A) I’ve never told it before, and B) I think his part in it is illustrative of one of the really important and cool things about him and C) I think he would have liked it.

So there’s that. Let’s start with getting the specificity of our scene out.