All in Bill Arnett

I Know You're Depressed, But What Am I?

This depression is not the cryptic voice of a mountain shaman, filled with deep truths waiting to be deciphered. It is apart from me. It’s goal is only pain, not enlightenment. It is the voice of a playground bully, intentionally finding old wounds to pick at, cruelly leveraging insecurities and cherry-picking past events to spin as negative. Nothing more.

Our Heroes are Socialists

“In this nation, athletes are heroes. In bedrooms all across America, boys and girls have posters on their walls of Tom Brady, Lebron James and Tina Charles. All of them card-carrying socialist union members. Imagine that, Americans of every stripe cheering on socialists in bars across the country. If they only knew...

It's... People!

Every problem in the world is caused exclusively by terrible people. Work only gives you a half hour for lunch? Poor service at a restaurant? Long line at the DMV? The problem isn't structural to employment, food service or the government. Somebody, somewhere is saying, "Let's not spend money on that."

Breaking Down the 2nd Amendment

The Constitution does not provide for the personal right to a firearm. It was never debated or even brought up. In 1780, the idea of a person living, on what was mostly wild frontier, without a firearm would seem like a joke. It was such an accepted part of life that it was completely unnecessary to discuss. This does not mean that firearms are evil or useless or should be confiscated. It means the argument that even the most modest form of regulation is a constitutional rights violation is invalid.