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The Minutes of Our Last Meeting | The Matrix 4

Keanu – And fight in slow motion, do that backwards arm thingie where I dodge bullets?

Lana – We’ll do all the cool stuff, of course, and try to find some new ways for you to dodge bullets or rockets or whatever. And even more guns. Guns are popular these days.

Carrie-Ann – Okay. So, let’s say Trinity is somehow still alive, even though she died, what am I going to wear?

Lana – Same outfits for everyone. Lots of tight black leather. Don’t worry, CGI does incredible things these days.

The High-Maintenance Problem with The Atlantic’s Revisiting "When Harry Met Sally"

High-maintenance doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Owning a boat requires high-maintenance and I love owning a boat. Being a parent to a toddler requires high-maintenance and I love being a parent to a toddler. Flying a plane, driving a race car, being a professional athlete at the top of your game… all things that are high-maintenance. There are those who don’t want to deal with that sort of stuff, and that’s perfectly okay. Driving a Honda Civic while wearing a baseball hat because you didn’t style your hair is pretty low-maintenance. And there’s nothing wrong with that.