Now Available: Troll to Learn™ for All Your Internet Needs

Now Available: Troll to Learn™ for All Your Internet Needs

By Dana Jerman


The following is a message from TROLL TO LEARN™! An Experimental Masterclass

Perhaps you’ve found yourself stuck in self-defeating patterns of thinking or behavior—struggling with feelings or symptoms you can no longer ignore. Maybe life has thrown you a curve ball you can’t manage with your existing coping skills. If the solution was simple, you probably would have figured it out by now.

On the Other Hand…
You might have bigger fish to catch with your bare hands and swallow whole!
Is someone in your life in need of a good talking-to?
Think it might please you to see what really makes them tick?
Are you in need of a healthy jolt of dopamine to your pre-frontal cortex?

Then GET READY for what happens when you MAKE AN ENEMY!


When you enroll as an adult in the school of life, taking this course is an absolute MUST.

All you need is:
A computer
Someone else’s business

TROLL TO LEARN™ promotes cleverness, well-crafted vituperation, imagination and agitation person-to-person in the name of destroying habits and modes of thought that have passed into disuse.

Here with our Experimental Masterclass you will learn:
The act of trolling is reasonably easy.
The lessons you will observe and absorb are hard.

• Remember: If your heart is open, and the path is clear, you are NOT minding your own business. It’s time to “shit where you eat” and address those petty grievances for which someone else is responsible. Preferably to someone with whom your previous acquaintance was relatively stable. So get tough.

• Be aware: When choosing a Trollee to match wits, do “pick on someone your own size.” If you feel the target has become too easy, take your efforts elsewhere. Unfortunately, this may very well apply to those older (and initially perceived as wiser) than yourself.

• You ARE here to learn, after all. Here to learn from someone else’s whiny slip-ups, contradictions, idiosyncratic perversions of reality and disgustingly human guffaws. These are the real truths you came for.

• Also, said Trollee is apt to attempt to “fight back” and rally others to their cause. This is natural and will occur when the Trollee is feeling especially vulnerable. It is a sign that your careful efforts are working.

• But fear not! If the Trollee is worth trolling, it’s because yes, sometimes you actually can totally “judge a book by its cover.” How can they expect to improve their own lives without the zeal of a proper pushback? Just scratch the surface to find out!

Let TROLL TO LEARN™ remind you:
Antagonistic language is your tool, but be smart: Let the Trollee utter the profanities first. Be prepared to see the dark side of the Trollee you only assumed might be there. It has many shapes.

Take all the time you need. Choose your online tools wisely (direct electronic mail being the most effective) and remember too that you will be ignored, dismissed, and perhaps trolled yourself. This, too, is natural. But, when you must, persist.

The best trolling happens like a good conversation: One-on-one.

Trolling can be a great art form with your help. JOIN US TODAY!



And now, another Masterclass from our fantastic and generous sponsor: The Divine David.

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Nothing is Sacred.  Not Even You

Nothing is Sacred. Not Even You