What to Do When There is a Bigoted Rapist Running the Show

What to Do When There is a Bigoted Rapist Running the Show

By Don Hall

If there’s one thing I learned from Cubs fans prior to 2016 it’s that no matter how shitty your team is, calling the Cubs a shitty team out loud only makes them dig in harder. Sort of the “I can call my mom a whore but if you do, we go to the mats” mentality.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about those folks out there who voted (and will vote again) for Donald Trump iit’s that, while they all intrinsically know he’s a shitheel, a bigot, a sexual predator, a master manipulator of media, and a massive asshole, calling him any of these things out loud only makes them more convinced of his necessity. Why? Because they didn’t vote for him, they voted against the Left. They voted against Hillary Clinton. They voted against the Far Left (Socialists, Critical Race Theorists, Open Border Enthusiasts). Unlike any old GOP candidate, Trump defied all of the odds and became the most unlikely win for them in history.

It doesn’t help that the Fringe Left tries to make the case that if Trump is a bigoted rapist then anyone who voted for him is a bigoted rape enthusiast, which isn’t any different than making the case that a vote for Barack Obama was an enthusiastic vote of support for unprecedented deportations and drone strikes on civilians. Except that today, race and sex are no longer concepts but religious ideology and you can’t reason with the faithful.

The poorly handled House condemnation of Trump’s words as racist did exactly one thing: it made it just a bit more difficult to vote him out of office.

In 1972, Richard Nixon was one fucking unpopular dude. The economy was in turmoil, we were still losing our asses to the Viet Cong, and the cloud of scandal hung over him at every turn. In 1970, the Dems had a blue wave (before the media started the Red vs. Blue nonsense) and added twelve seats to the House. In ’71, Nixon’s national approval rating was south of 50 percent. He should have been easy to oust.

George McGovern was a good man in all respects. He was a progressive man (before we started using that term as well). He created a rainbow coalition of Lefties: anti-war activists, civil rights movers and shakers, the youth of America with their long hair and free love and anti-police stances (they called them ‘pigs’ back then). The Democratic Party was the most all-inclusive it had ever been with the most progressive platform ever.

Nixon won forty-nine of fifty states, 520 electoral votes, and nearly 61 percent of the popular vote. It took another two years to get him to resign and the reasons for the possible impeachment had fuckall to do with Progressive ideology. Getting Nixon on the Watergate burglary is like getting Capone on tax evasion but it still worked.

So how do we beat Trump in 2020?


First, drop Trump in your rage altogether. His superpower is distraction and every time you leap on the outrage train, he wins. Your righteous rage is wholly unpersuasive so shut the fuck up about what horrible piece of shit we have in the Oval Office. He’s obviously running a campaign against the wokest of us and is pulling out all the stops to be as offensive and scum baggy as possible. Calling him a racist only cements his base and prosecuting him for sexual assault is going to take years and we don’t don’t have the time.

Second, go after his cabinet. Quietly, systematically, united in the pursuit of investigating Andrew Wheeler, William Barr, Daniel Coats, Wilbur L. Ross, Jr., David Bernhardt, Alexander Acosta, Mike Pompeo, Steven T. Mnuchin, and most of all, Mike Pence. A general without an army is just a guy in a wool suit, so cut the legs out from under him without ever mentioning his name.

Third, do everything — EVERYTHING — to not just flip the Senate but to completely eradicate Mitch McConnell in Kentucky. Flip the Senate in case this fuckhole pulls out another miracle win that leaves us jaw smacked and disbelieving like we were in 2016. Get rid of McConnell because he is the sword that Trump uses every time.

Finally, get it straight — Baby Boomers may, in your worldview, be the cause of every wrong thing you can drum up but those old farts vote. Alienate them at your own demise. 

The question the most strident of our Fringe Left needs to answer is actually a pretty simple one: Do you want to be seen as righteous in the lens of history or do you want to win the election in 2020? You cannot have both.

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