The Minutes of Our Last Meeting - Poor People Meet to Get Out the Vote

The Minutes of Our Last Meeting - Poor People Meet to Get Out the Vote


by Joe Janes


Poor People Meet to Get Out the Vote


Town Hall Meeting – Chicago

Monday, March 20, 2018


Attendance Total – Hall was one quarter full,

about 25 people plus the organizer


COMMUNITY ORGANIZER - This is our country. The best thing we can do is vote. Get out there and vote. We must throw out the “do nothing” politicians-

HECKLER #1 - Elect successful billionaires with no political experience!

COMMUNITY ORGANIZER - No, what I meant was-

HECKLER #2  - They wouldn’t be billionaires if they weren’t smart!

COMMUNITY ORGANISER   - Well, many of them inherited their money-

HECKLER #1 - Their billions will trickle down on us.

COMMUNITY ORGANIZER - That’s not how "trickle down" works and, it doesn’t work, anyway. There's evidence that inexperienced rich politicians cause a lot of hardship. Governor Brownback in Kansas, for example. The ineptitude of our own Governor Rauner- 

HECKLER #3 - They’ll get rid of the Mexicans taking our jobs!

ALEX - Hey! I’m, Mexican!

HECKLER #3 - Not you, Alex, you can stay. You’re one of the good ones.

ALEX - It’s Alejandro, actually…

HECKLER #3  - What? Do you have some sort of ID?

HECKLER # 4 – Guns!

COMMUNITY ORGANIZER - You’re all missing the point. Billionaires like being billionaires. They also like their billionaire friends to continue being billionaires. They don’t mind rolling back EPA protections because they’ll be long dead and leave the problem to your children. They will put their interests first and make more money from being in office. Look at Donald Trump-

HECKLER #1 - A fine American! He and his American family get me! They give my boys and girls good role models. The boys are slicking their hair back and showing interest in the arts. They’re always on that pornhub dating site. The First Lady and The First Daughter are hot. My girls are starting to wear fancy clothes made by children in India. 

COMMUNITY ORGANISER - Trump’s tax reformation is bankrupting the nation and making rich people richer! People making $300,000 a year end up benefitting the most. Do you think people making that much money need a tax break?

HECKLER #2 - I got 40 extra dollars in my paycheck. Woo-hoo! Saturday nights are Pizza Hut night at my place. Cuz we go to Pizza Hut. Because we have extra money!

HECKLER #4 – Abortion! Hilary! Obama! God! BUILD THE WALL!!!

COMMUNITY ORGANIZER - Look, there are way more poor people than rich people in this country. The rich people are controlling our government. We can vote them out and elect people who genuinely care about us. People who don’t own more than one house. People who remember what it is like to be poor and want to help.

HECKLER #1 - Help others? Sounds like commie talk.

HECKLER #4 - The Lord helps those who help themselves. If God wants me to die because I can’t afford healthcare, well, that’s on me. (cough!) And now there’s a little on you.

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