Literate Ape Year End Review 2018

Literate Ape Year End Review 2018

By Don Hall

2018 was an anxious year. The lede for 86 percent of everything written anywhere in the world was some shit Trump said, tweeted or implied. That narcissistic fuck weighed the rest of us down like a sack of liposuctioned fat ready to be made into pink soap and, goddamnit, did we wallow in that like hogs in filth.

Along the journey, we were here. Typing our simian paws off to pleasure you with fiction, cultural critique, poetry and general thoughts. We bashed Trump, of course. And looked into the world of odd pornography. We made fun of people. So, in tribute to what many will look back upon as a year spent eating their emotions in the form of Hot Pockets and brie and drinking from the swill bucket to make the pain go away, here are the top ten reads of Literate Ape from 2018:

10. Reviews of Gay Daddy Porn for Father’s Day

659 Page views

9. Saying “I Love You to the Moon and Back” is an Empty Sentiment

669 Page views

8. Monkey’s Paw Wishes and the Consequences of Want

708 Page views

7. Nothing Good Ends in “oma”

786 Page views

6. We Need to Talk About Heathcliff

1,042 Page views

5. The Company You Keep Defines Who You Are

1,238 Pageviews

4. Don Hall 1966-2018 — An April Fool’s Obit

1,244 Pageviews

3. Official Report: Joe Diffie’s John Deere Green is the Greatest Country Song Ever

1,280 Page views

2. Breaking Down the 2nd Amendment

1,290 Pageviews

1. Meghan Trainor is this Generation’s Andy Kaufman 

1,817 Pageviews

On behalf of the Shrewdness of Apes who slave over keyboards to provide you with things to ponder, thank you for reading. For those who choose to reach out and complain, disagree, applaud or otherwise let us know how the writing affects you, thank you for caring enough to speak up. And, from both Himmel and myself, to the crew we have assembled, thank you for writing. 

As we head into 2019, Literate Ape will grow. Soon to be based in two cities, with an expanded events lineup, more podcasts, more books, and more apes to type on screens, we hope you continue to stop by and check out the ideas. 

I Believe... [Advertisers Should Die Uncomfortably]

I Believe... [Advertisers Should Die Uncomfortably]

2018: In Like a Savage Lion, Out Like a Rabid Lamb

2018: In Like a Savage Lion, Out Like a Rabid Lamb