I Believe...

I Believe...

...that it's remarkable that one can stuff the contents of a decade of cubicle life into a single plastic tub. Not sure if that indicates that I am highly organized and uncluttered or the flaccid existence of spending that much time in a box.

...that 90% of the gig is showing up. And when the gig is from home, you're on top of it, right?

...that my marriage to the brilliant and amazing Dana Jerman is a union of an ant and a grasshopper. I am definitely the freaking ant and I need her to remind me that grasshopper's are simply more fun.

...that nothing will take your mind off of the Political Infighting and the Travesty of the Trump Monarchy than self-interest and basic survival. Feeling all depressed about the state of the world? Leave the corporation and hope you don't need to sell plasma to pay your rent.

...that in spite of the relatively few shills and dirtbags I've had to put up with, the absolute super majority of quality people, talented, brilliant and kind individuals whom I've had the privilege to work with in the past ten years is astounding and gives me that warm, blankety feeling.

The Value is in Time and Experiences

Farewell to the Public Radio Mines