I Believe...

I Believe...

... that there is a substantive difference between "not being a strident, uncompromising asshole" and "placating fascism." Learn it. If you don't see the difference, you're why the Left is losing.

... that, if you find that you are surrounded by misogynists and sexual harassers at Second City, iO or any other vaunted institution of improvisational comedy, STOP GOING THERE AND PAYING THEM YOUR MONEY.

... that, politically speaking, your petition has less effect than the "Special Skills" section of your resume.

... that the term "black bodies" as a term emphasizes the dehumanization of black people. If we see people as bodies, we fail to see the human beings and that failure is the heart of white supremacy, yes?

... that if you watch Netflix' Iron Fist and decide it's crap because of a lackluster leading man, or a tired superhero trope played out too many times, or little action for a Kung Fu hero, fine. If you don't watch it and deride it for having a white guy as the hero, just like those who couldn't handle Luke Cage with it's mostly black cast, you're an idiot.

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