I Believe...

I Believe...

...that it takes a special kind of stupid to spout strident political intolerance in the confines of a plane.  If you're that oblivious and that fuck-witted, you should stick to the Megabus.

...that Trump will last at least four years no matter how much resistance the Left provides.  That said, by boycotting his businesses and corporations who support him, we can at least work to make sure he's fucking bankrupt in 2020.

...that the difference between the reaction to Nate Parker and Casey Affleck has as much to do with the difference between a rape allegation and a sexual misconduct and harassment allegation as it did the skin color of the men.  Sexual harassment is NOT the same as rape and allegations are not guilt.

...that the Russians didn't "hack the election."  The Russians "hacked the voters."  In fact, nothing they released via Wikileaks was false information - it was just damaging information made transparent of a corrupt and inefficient Democratic Party.  The DNC sunk itself with a little help from Ivan but that's not the same as treason.

...that horror movies addressing political issues has been a sub-genre for decades - the atomic monsters were cautionary tales about the Nuclear Age, Romero's zombies were commentary on Viet Nam and consumerism, Crichton's fables of man's tinkering with god-like science.  Get Out is in good company.

I Broke His Plastic Lightsaber

I'm glad Trump won the presidency.