I Believe...

I Believe...

...that incremental improvement of skills is a great tool for measuring progress but it is rarely the valuable result.  Learning scales on a musical instrument is outstanding but if all you can do is play scales, you aren't a musician.

...that impatience and righteous indignation are both the spark and impediment to great social change.  Need enough to get things moving in the right direction but enough maturity to guide it once it shifts forward.

...that a person's ability to genuinely connect with a meaningful existence is inversely proportional with the same person's need to self promote and prove their worth.  If you desperately need to impress others, finding common ground with them is nearly impossible.

...that no one is an overnight success at anything.  So called "overnight successes" had years of ground laid before any of the rest of the troops ever heard of them.

...that any phrase that begins with "ALL ____ People are ___." is horseshit.

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