I Believe...

I Believe...

...that often the thing that you cherished the most was the source of your complacency.  Sometimes you need to lose that thing to see the cage it had become.

...that, with the pursuit of faster reporting and 'getting the scoop,' traditional news media has become indistinguishable from Buzzfeed and FOX News - more sensationalism and increasingly fungible facts - and merely adds up to the race for clicks and numbers.

...that if you want to truly understand a societal problem, focus on who benefits financially from it rather than the victims of it.  Remember, our National Religion is Capitalism and the dollar rules all.

...that creating an organization called "White Lives Matter" is in the same wheelhouse as forming a group called "Dudes Rule" or "Money is Everything."  Both pointless and demonstrating in one phrase the source of a myriad of problems faced by almost everyone else.

...that when someone thirty-one years old demonstrates weak character, the excuse that "he's still young" doesn't cut it anymore.  No one pushing middle age is "still young."

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