I Believe...

I Believe...

...that when telling the story of a Latinx community, casting Latinx actors is kind of a big deal.  For theater in today's media-soaked age to truly resonate, authenticity in all controllable areas is a key to success.  A white guy playing a Latinx person is not in the least authentic.

...that film critic Molly Haskell was dead on when she wrote "The Internet is democracy's revenge on democracy."

...that even Stalin was once a poet so the fact that someone can write something beautiful does not preclude him from being a shitbird.

...that if you are wholeheartedly and full-throatedly against online bullying then to use the tactics of online bullying is straight up, no questions asked hypocrisy.  Being a member of the Hyperbolic Facebook and Twitter "Justice" Hive is NOT a badge of honor unless you're just a dickweed in real life.

...that the good thing about Reggae Fest is the relaxed vibe, the lack of high fashion Millennials posing for shots in the Reader, and some incredible performers.  The bad thing about Reggae Fest is that it's just a bit like going to a Polka Fest and eight hours of polkas will break your brain.

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