I Believe...

I Believe...

...that no one - NO ONE - is surprised by the off-the-mic discourse of Billy Bush and Donald Trump but in the world of instant outrage and hyperbole, feigning surprise and shock is the kerosene for the rhetorical fire.

...that when the number of films about the horrors of chattel slavery in America comes even close to the number of films made about the Holocaust, we will be approaching a sense of balance in historical representation.  That finger of blame points to Germany pretty aggressively and needs to be pointed at the U.S. just as consistently.

...that when the entire presidential campaign boils down to one candidate talking about "grabbing pussy" and slutshaming a beauty pageant winner instead of discussions of the economy, systematic racism, foreign policy in a world at war, sustainable energy, etc. then Trump has won anyway.

...that the real winners of this completely Bizarro World presidential campaign are the cable news corporations.  They're making a freaking bundle on this "horrifying car accident/natural disaster/trial of the century" bullshit.

...that at least my iPhone 7 doesn't blow up in my pocket and I'm OK with that.

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