I Believe...

I Believe...

...that, while I'm no fan of Halloween for adults, I can still appreciate the cos play like creativity on display on social media.  On the other hand, adults should not go around taking free candy that is meant for children.  For fuck's sake.

...that regardless of the outcome of the World Series, Chicago looked amazingly first class on national television.  Really incredibly white but still first class.


...that I'm not trying to judge a Congressman by his cover but if this guy is the best that South Carolina can do for representation, it must be pretty rough down there.  GOP representative Trey Gowdy looks like a bad guy from a John Cusack movie from the 80s or a grown-up Draco Malfoy from Hogwarts Trailer Park...

...that the people who are dazzled by the Casual Fridays and Corporate Holiday Parties as a way to band-aid over the gaping wound of meaninglessness in most bureaucracy are the same people who buy things from late night infomercials thinking that the Salad Shooter or Rotating Turkey Broaster will make their lives complete in some way.

...that politics and causes have always divided America.  From the Civil War to the Civil Rights Act, this country has pretty much existed in a state of constant tug-of-war between ideological differences and, in a representative democracy, that isn't going to change so calm down.  It feels like your contribution will change the world but the best most of us can hope for is to change that tiny corner of your block.  The sum total of those blocks changing for the better (whatever that means to you) gives the place some direction.


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