I Believe...

I Believe...

...that when Hillary becomes our next president, she's not going to make most of us very happy because, in order to lead a country this divided, the president will have to find unsavory compromises or we all just sit here on our ass's waiting for the next Ted Cruz or Donald Trump or Jill Stein to come along.  Intractable zealotry and responsible governance do not mix.

...that not all remakes are golden geese but some can be if they are reimagined rather than remade.  On one hand, you have the 2016 versions of Ghostbusters, Ben Hur and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  One the other you have HBO's Westworld which is less a remake of the 1973 Yul Brenner film and more of a completely new thing.

...that it can't be that difficult to access your humanity in the face of horrifying ethical dilemmas but, man, do we all seem to be falling short in the pursuit of self comfort and convenience.

...that, according to the latest Pew numbers, 60% of respondents said they found discussing politics online to be off-putting and routinely ignored those who posted about issue-oriented news.  Which means your social media activism isn't really reaching the people that need to hear it.  Like screaming in a plastic bag and hoping someone in DeKalb, Illinois can hear you.

...that anyone shocked that The Walking Dead contains gruesome death and grief pornography either has only been watching the show while knitting or half napping or has a very high threshold for what constitutes gruesome and violent - until Glenn got his head bashed in.

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