I Believe...

I Believe...

...that "white people" do not have a problem with the brilliant and extraordinary Luke Cage [for its lack of white characters or necessary and welcome "black" message] on Netflix.  "Stupid bigoted white people" may but I'm unwilling to cede the label to fucking morons.

...that having one debate moderator for the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates is a poor design and shifts the burden from the candidates to answer questions and discuss ideas to a lone moderator to control the melee.  We should go back to the days of the debate panels to force the candidates to actually answer the questions and debate the issues.

...that, when it comes to Corporate America, you can't convince me a shit sandwich tastes like chicken just because you put it in an artisan bun.

...that, if I can watch and enjoy Rosemary's Baby, Hannah and Her Sisters, or dig any rock song written in the 80's, I have the ability to separate Birth of a Nation from Nate Parker's checkered past.  Why?  Because I'm an adult and can see the difference between the art and the artist.

...that the pursuit for MORE and BIGGER and FASTER is a natural one for Americans but one must balance that greedy grab with the price paid to get MORE, BIGGER and FASTER.  The shininess of excess often blinds us from the consequences inherent in ambition.

Embracing the Vice That is the Artist's Path

"You can check out any time you like but you can never leave."