I Believe...

I Believe...

...that Black Mirror (can be found on Netflix) is the best science fiction series I've ever seen this side of "The Twilight Zone."  Imagine "Ex Machina" but with different episodes and futureshocks each episode.  Thanks, Kremidas for the random recommendation.

...that, as Trump continues to slip in the polls, he will only become more unhinged and dangerous. The joke candidate transforms into the spoiler when he loses.

...that Wikileaks wouldn't be necessary if mainstream journalists actually did their job.  It's not their fault, though - facts and investigative journalism doesn't bring in those big ratings or sell those big ad dollars.

...that the question we ask is "How?" when we should be asking "Why?"

...that the accusation that by "standing silent you are choosing the side of the oppressor" sounds good until you level it back and have to own your own silence about the homeless you ignore and the wars you didn't protest and the multitude of ills you have ignored and must now accept that you are culpable for under your self righteous t-shirt slogan.

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