I Believe… [Game of Moans]

…that in the Game of Moans that is the non-stop embrace of victimhood, among the least convincing is that your Instagram following has been blocked and you can no longer get free hotel rooms and restaurant meals in exchange for an Influencer plug. Also that the Burger King won’t refund you for the undercooked burger because of your race.

A Bottle

I have written this letter hundreds of times. Never sent.

I don’t know where the line is between when I should just suck it up and keep going and when it’s time to complain. I don’t know why those two things are seen as mutually exclusive. I’m soldiering on after many vocal complaints. Both can exist, I think.


More and more I understand wanting to go on a bender
Get away from it all
Away from all the stuff that needs to be dealt with
All the petty, mundane, routine, inconvenient,
never-ending, time-consuming minutia of daily life

Diet Plan for People Who Don’t Move

And you wanted to get skinny, this year! How come that strong, construction worker at he oasis is carrying a whole bag of “Donette Gems” to his car and he’s not fat yet? 

Why come that is?

Anyway, look at yourself. Fat. Me too. You should see me. I tripped on my pecs this morning and here I lay on the bathroom floor, writing for Literate Ape (which takes absolutely no talent or energy; just the ability to ignore loved ones). 

The Burning Down of Legacy

How does one acknowledge the horrors of the Crusades and the push for Catholic dominance in the world under a rigid papacy which provided the funding of the build with the building we mourned on Monday?