Noble X — Episode 5: Tracks

Jeff arrives first and squeals with delight, gazing through the thick control room glass into Studio A, their office for the day. Minutes later Bryan, Dana, and Mark appear, holding more beers and snacks, their faces alight with glowing electricity as well. It’s Christmas for them too.

Required Watching: "Tabloid" (2010)

In 1977, former Miss Wyoming, Joyce McKinney, met a young Mormon named Kirk Anderson in Utah and she fell in love. According to her the two had a classic meet-cute while driving. Within days they were ready to run away together. But, suddenly, he disappeared, off on his mission trip to England.

Revisiting Culture Through a New Set of (political) Glasses

We were inspired by these stories. Stories that pitted the outcasts against the status quo and won. Did we realize that they were all cultural contributors to the continued stereotyping of minorities and the centuries long marginalization of women? Of course not — we were outcasts looking for heroes. We were white kids in Central Kansas.

I Believe… [Auto Insurance is a Scam]

…that the idea of insurance is a great one but the reality of getting your parked car hit by a drunk kid in his mom's truck with scam insurance and then having to negotiate the value of your car with your own insurance company that has determined the cosmetic damage is too costly to fix so fuck it, it's a total loss, we'll settle with you for a third of the resale value of the car is not so fucking great.

Interview With The Nine Year-Old — Part II

This is another in-depth interview with my girlfriend's nine year-old daughter, Charlotte. I asked her random questions I found on the internet that are supposed to make you get to really know the person. 

This is 100% real.

Why do we dream?

Because our brains are too lazy to do work so they're just like "commercial break, yeah, there's a panda on my head. Yeah, a panda's holding balloons and it's like gotta go to a party and then it ends up raining at the party and all of a sudden a unicorn comes out and kills everyone.