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Belief is a Seldgehammer Cover.png

After twelve years of writing about the world — life, love, politics, philosophy — Don Hall has finally compiled too many thoughts into this book. Suitable to read on the toilet or on a plane (preferably on the toilet), Belief is a Sledgehammer is a bite-sized breakdown of humanity with a bit of snark.

190 pages
Kindle Available

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 12.56.43 PM.png

Pisces Eye is a new collection of poetry for the human condition. It is built to be read and reread, shared and rediscovered. Smart without being smarmy or academic. Strange yet gentle. Cool in its warmth. Featuring several mini-collections under one mantle, Dana Jerman has constructed a fresh edge to follow.

58 pages
Kindle Available

The Last DJ Cover.jpg

In this punchy portrait of a young oldies disc jockey, readers witness the beginning of the end of the radio we had come to love. In the years before corporations neutered and nearly eliminated the on-air personality, David Himmel’s Dr. Dave Maxwell participates in dismantling his own profession, while at the same time navigating a diminishing gauntlet of local celebrity status.

134 pages