The Conflicting Case to Do Away with Facebook

The Conflicting Case to Do Away with Facebook

by Don Hall

It was a Black Mirror episode that triggered me.

Specifically, Smithereens, and more directly a monologue/rant by Andrew Scott about everyone looking down at their smartphones constantly. It hit me like a two-by-four in the gut: I am that guy. I’m on my phone far more than I should be and I’m almost paralyzed in my distractions. 

This is not to say that I don’t see the value of social media but after reading an expose about the mountains of human filth that Faceborg moderators go through (to the point of losing their minds some) combined with almost locust-like spread of misinformation, angry semi-anonymous trolling, and its use as a means to call-out people we don’t agree with, I think I’m as done as I’m going to be.

I, like you, have felt this way for some time. Having Literate Ape (a digital publication that receives roughly 30% of its traffic via social media) has made it a less than ideal bargain. To delete your personal FB account automatically deletes any FB Business pages as well. So, I’ve stayed plugged into the Rage Machine for far longer than I wanted.

I am at the end of my cyber-rope.

The first question is simple: What do I get out of being on social media?


  • Pictures shared by friends and family

  • Sharing of Dana and my adventures

  • Keeping up with my Chicago clan

  • Finding a community within the Las Vegas Arts Scene (at least online)

  • Literate Ape


  • Constant distraction

  • A vague undercurrent of disgust with humanity

  • A mass cult anxiety of missing out of something vital

  • Despite my natural inclinations, the almost unbearable daily comparisons to everyone else

  • A drain on my Apple batteries — even when I’m not looking at them

  • Too many portals for people to communicate at me

  • A Blocked List as long as my two arms which really just reminds me of my personal dislike of too many people I shouldn’t have to think about in the first place

  • Moment to moment being sold bullshit that I might have mentioned in passing or looked at briefly

  • A false sense of connection with friends and an unnecessary connection with people I barely know

  • Feeling like I’m part of a Vegas Arts scene without ever having to leave my house

  • Missing out on real human interaction because I’m checking my motherfucking phone

Seems pretty obvious.

So here’s my solution.

  1. Remove the app from my iPhone and iPad. I can check it on Safari but that’s a pain in the ass so I won’t as often.

  2. Remove the pinned tab from my desktop.

  3. Set my personal ‘borg to “My Eyes Only” which keeps both the Literate Ape and Don Hall Events Pages up.

  4. Only post on those two pages (events, articles of interest, the random meme).

  5. Once in a while load up some pics of adventures for family and friends.

It’s not perfect but I believe it’s better than the present heroine-addicted, dark circles under the eyes, wounded and paranoid asshole I’m becoming.

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