The Minutes of Our Last Meeting | Alabama Abortion!

The Minutes of Our Last Meeting | Alabama Abortion!

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By Joe Janes


The Alabama House of Representatives

The Capital Building, Montgomery, Alabama

Tuesday, April 30, 2019   10:30am

 All members present

Rep. Terri Collins (R) – I am introducing a bill that will help us overturn Roe vs. Wade. At least in Alabama. Home of the Zero Legal Abortions, is what they’ll call us. Proudly. We can put it on our license plates. People from all across America will be able to visit our state and not have to worry about accidentally having or witnessing an abortion. We’re saving lives. 

Rep. Merika Coleman (D) – How is this bill any different from your previous bills to limit the rights of women?

Rep. Mike Jones (R) – Welp. For one thing, it makes it a Class A felony for a doctor to perform an abortion and a Class C felony for attempting to perform one, unless there’s a health risk to the mother. 

Rep. Louisa Alexander (D) – A health risk like some type of permanent damage to the mother’s body?

Rep. Mike Jones (R) – If that permanent risk is death, then yes. Even then, we should probably get in there and determine which is more important, the baby’s life or the host body’s life.

Rep. Merika Coleman (D) – Host body?

Rep. Mike Jones (R) – It’s a medical term. I’ve heard. 

Rep. Merika Coleman (D) – Looking over your bill, HB314, I notice that it does not make any exception for a woman who is a victim of rape or incest.  

Rep. Terri Collins (R)– Well, that’s just us not wanting to interfere with the Lord’s handiwork. 

Rep. Merika Coleman (D) – You think God wants women to be the victims of rape and incest?

Rep. Terri Collins (R) – I do not pretend to understand the will of God. I only try to pretend to speak for him. “Jesus loves the little children.”

Rep. Merika Coleman (D) – Are you quoting the Bible or a song you heard? 

Rep. Terri Collins (R) – The Bible, of course. You should read it sometime.

Rep. Louisa Alexander (D) – I have. There’s a lot of rape and incest in it.

Rep. Merika Coleman (D) - “Jesus Loves the Little Children” is a song. Not a Bible verse. 

Rep. Terri Collins (R) – I guess that’s depends on how you interpret the Bible.

Rep. Merika Coleman (D) – Or on your ability to read.

Rep. Louisa Alexander (D) - Let me ask you question, Rep. Jones. If one of your daughters were raped and became pregnant, would you want them to have an abortion?

Rep. Mike Jones (R) – Are you accusing me of incest?

Rep. Louise Alexander (D) – Not yet. 

Rep. Mike Jones (R) – Well, I will be honest with you, if that happened, I do not know what I would do. I can’t really answer that unless I’m factually confronted with such a scenario.

Rep. Louise Alexander (D) – That’s the point. How can you presume to understand what a woman goes through when she decides to have an abortion? It could be for health; it could be for a number of reasons. You don’t know and you will never know because you are not a woman. Until you all have walked in a woman’s shoes, y’all don’t know.

Rep. Mike Jones (R) – I have walked in women’s shoes before, Rep. Alexander. 

Rep. Rich Wingo (R) - I believe that this chamber, this body will never make a greater decision than today. I believe that with all my heart, protecting the life of an unborn child. And I want to thank all the women who have showed up in our gallery wearing those red Handmaid Tale robes. We appreciate you supporting our vision of a future where abortion is outlawed and fertile women like yourselves are free to be full of fruit and multiplying. 

Rep. Merika Coleman (D) – That’s not why they are dressed like that. They are here to protest your bill.

Rep. Rich Wingo (R)– Really? Because I love that TV show. It makes me and misses frisky. (to the gallery) Glad you all already have the uniforms. That will save us some money.

Rep. Louise Alexander (R)– I wish my vagina were a gun, then you guys wouldn’t be trying to legislate it. 

The bill making it a crime for a doctor to perform an abortion passed in the Alabama House of Representatives Tuesday 74 to 3.

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