American Shithole #54 | Let the Frankening of Biden Begin

American Shithole #54 | Let the Frankening of Biden Begin

By Eric Wilson

My least favorite faux-left cabal are the #MeToo rage junkies that ended Senator Al Franken’s career (as progressive a voice for women and equality as there ever has been in Congress) — and now you’ve got your sights on Biden.

Seriousy? We literally have a president making windmill noises and claiming they cause cancer, and your priority is to go after Uncle Joe “Huggy” Biden?

Joe huggy biden.jpg

Fuck you.

If it makes you feel any better, morons, I think you’re only slightly worse than the faux-left, overly-sensitive, campus comedy police that believes what a comedian says on stage, should always make the list of top one-fucking-thousand things people should be concerned about any given week.


Also, I don’t fucking care who beats Trump, and I jump up and down and squeal with schadenfreudean glee whenever some dickhead that uses their position of power to sexually assault someone loses everything. Fuck Matt Lauer. Fuck Charlie Rose. Fuck Weinstein with a rusty shovel, and then let’s bury the motherfucker with it. Fuck all of them.

The power and importance of the movement is not lost on me; however, when we failed to stand behind Al Franken, I understood that the law, intent, history, context, NOTHING mattered; only the accusation.

Which is some serious fucking bullshit, and I am not very happy with the folks that let it go down that way. (Kirsten GIllibrand is dead to me, I despise her DINO opportunism, but of course I would still vote for her over any filthy fucking republican.)

There are many reasons I despise virtue signaling, humorless bores, but the main one is that I know you would never go after the real monsters in this world — the billionaires that are killing us all, or the GOP congressmen paid to represent their interests, for example.

The reason you won’t go after any of the real monsters, is because real monsters bite back; and cowards never stand up to the real threats in this world.

So, get on with it then, you fucking idiots. Work the fields for the GOP, and destroy a few more dedicated public servants — and in the process chip away at our chances against Trump in 2020.

Of course there are other candidates, that’s not the point. I can name ten that are running right now I would rather have as president than Joe Biden, but that’s not the point.

You either get unified behind the destruction of the vile cancer that is the GOP, or you are part of the fucking problem. That’s the fucking point.

Fucking hell, it is such a miserable fucking drag having to support the Democratic Party. It’s like having an entire dodgeball team of spazzes that keep hitting each other in the face. The opposing team is on the other side of the line, Eugene.

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