The Now Manifesto

By (V)ike Vinopal

There is a spectrum, a number line upon which all of us exist, in some shade or gradient of human consciousness. Goodness, badness, plus and minus, ebb and flow, all rolled into one unique individual, built by an infinite series of genetic blueprints. Drastically complex nautilus shells. A geometric sequence at the core of all things. A natural algorithm.

Health is perceived in a very constrained sense in current public consciousness. It used to be that we all fall somewhere in between. From sane to insane, exhibiting the power of a prefix. Everyone was included on this seemingly tangible spectrum. Maybe we've come a long way in delicately changing the wording of the language to refer to issues that manifest in the human experience. But these are just words that mean different shades of definitions for each and every individual. We are just animals, prisoners to our own perception so that we can only be subjective, truly.  Even at our most objective, swayed and influenced by all of our unique vulnerable emotional experiences. Our highs and lows, our successes and failures. We all have demons. But rarely are we taught better skills in ways that make sense to us, to cope and take care of ourselves in a more holistic manner.

Mental health is not taboo. It is universal. It is the balance in our polarity. It is the balance of our brain chemistry, each and every one so delicate. We introduce things into our lives physically and mentally and influence the natural balance. Education can make us empowered and allow us to understand the balance in a simpler sense. Allow us to find natural ways to combat depression, anxiety, and a trove of other mental health issues. After all, we may all exist on the spectrum in which we refer to for autism where we are just on the other end with regard to societal norms. 

But who's to say what normal is for we are a bunch of animals, the only difference now is that the cavemen are constantly plugged into pure information where there is no limit to the knowledge in our pocket. What say we use it to advance the race rather than make us lazier and dumber, achieving de-evolution rather than happiness. Happiness awaits us all. We all just have to try and think differently to become more tolerant and compassionate, truly celebrating diversity of every shade, every frequency vibrating around you. All we are is molecules. Starshine. Elemental run amok. Two special electrons bumped into each other and—BOOM!—the explosion has never stopped. The sun is still sitting there at the center. Kingstar. The main fireball of the Big Bang still burning 'til this noble experiment is through.

That's why human beings have chemistry between each other. Attraction. It's electromagnetivity on a subatomic level. It's that simple folks. The earth is bipolar and so are all the humans. North and South. Santa and no one. We are but sine waves. It be best for humanity if we all just put pluses in the bucket so we can fill it up and it will spillover with goodness, healing the earth to the core, before it's too late for us. The only way is caring. Caring is the only way.

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