A Year in Literate Ape: 2017

A Year in Literate Ape: 2017

While Literate Ape is not quite a year old and we only started adding contributors in September, we figure it's that 'year end roundup' time. Below are links to some of our more popular pieces in 2017.

Hey, Second City, Maybe Hire Some Actual Professional Comedians? 

This piece was, despite some opinions on the internet, an anonymous piece submitted to David and I just after the Second City debacle that involved the cast of "The Winner...Of Our Discontent." A person employed at the venerable comedy institution felt pretty strongly about aspects of the scene and reached out to me. There were some editorial suggestions that were taken. It's harsh but not untrue.

Bad Day 

David wrote this overnight following the mass murder in Las Vegas in October. It apparently struck a nerve.

Breaking Down the 2nd Amendment 

Bill Arnett, in a follow-up to the LV killings, wrote his first piece and it proved to be thoughtful, funny and just smart as hell - much like Bill himself.

Is It Art or Is It Competitive Therapy? The Paradox of the Slam 

After Dana and I hosted a couple of the CUPSI Poetry Slams over at UIC, things kind of blew up around Marc Smith and this was my takeaway.

Not Wanting to be Married is the Secret to a Happy Marriage 

Himmel waxes on about his secret to his young marital bliss. Great piece.

The Hard-Earned Lesson I Learned from Lydia, Molly, Ian and Hedy Weiss 

Once again, in the world of theater, controversy exploded over a review by the much-reviled Hedly Weiss. Months later, after all the calls for her head, she's still reviewing and getting paid for it so it was an awful lot of Stürm und Drang for Nada. This was my wrap up of my own personal revelations from Hedly and some of my own personal bullies.

The Musical Mr. M 

J.L. Thurston wrote this tribute to her band director and it proved to be moving and true.

It's been a good start for our little wedge of digital pie and I hope you're as happy as we are that 2017 is passing into the annals of history. It was a rough year for the world so here's hoping 2018 will shine some light on injustices and be a better year for us all.

Thanks for reading and we hope you continue to grace us with your eyeballs and minds.

- The Literate Ape Shrewdness

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