A Note from the Editors

Tuesday, we published a piece responding to the online (and otherwise) kerfuffle over the public responses to heckling and criticisms of shows by the casts at Second City.  Contrary to some comments, we do not publish click bait but weigh the articles for the substance of the argument or quality of the point of view.

The author (someone from within that institution) requested anonymity when submitting the piece.  We (David Himmel and Don Hall) at Literate Ape took a look at the piece, suggested edits, and ultimately decided to publish it as it contains a valid perspective on the culture.  As a relatively new pursuit, both editors are working to improve our proofreading skills so apologies for the few typos that slipped past us.  We'll get better as we go along.

In defense of anonymity, when the consequence of voicing an unpopular opinion has been open season on the author rather than debate and discussion of the ideas behind that opinion, we believe that by honoring the request for anonymity, we protect the author against the kind of online mob destruction the internet has unleashed.  

What has been most interesting in the response to the article has been the almost pathological refusal to engage with any of the ideas contained.  

The crowd first wanted the head of the writer, attacking the spelling and crowded syntax.  
Then it was that it was anonymous.  
Then it was that it was vicious in it's depiction of Peter Kim.  
Then it was that it was a pointless rant.  
Then it became the game, when unable to discern the author's identity, to go after the publishers.

Very few have actually discussed or argued the ideas put forth by the article, which is truly unsurprising and disappointing.

Certainly, if you have issue with the ideas in the piece, the comments section is open as are the comments on our Facebook page.  If your lust for targeting the author and blasting them with online attacks has been thwarted, we're OK with that.

Finally, as originally posted, the article contained a bit of a personal attack on Peter Kim and the author has agreed to remove that in the spirit of being more humane and allowing the focus of the piece to be about the culture of Second City rather than attacking one person within that culture. 


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