To Find the Right Answer You Have to Ask the Right Question


We are now fully vetted into a time and place in the Universe where we have access to supercomputers in our pockets.  At least until the civilized countries of the world collapse in a heap of incompetence, alt right acrimony and climate change, the internet is at our fingertips 24 hours a day.

How hard is it to Google "Who is Frederick Douglass and is he still alive?"

This is how the Trump Machinery works.  Now Douglass and Trump are forever linked...

This is how the Trump Machinery works.  Now Douglass and Trump are forever linked...

Making the vast information dump that is the internet work for you is to slow down a moment and think.  Yes, I know that the idea is that with all of this knowledge, we shouldn't have to cogitate at all but with this much overload, a pause to consider not the answer you seek but the question you want answered is worth a shot.

Instead of asking "How do I resist Trump?" which is shortsighted and generally unhelpful, why not ask the bigger picture question, "How do I help Progressives retake Congress?"

Instead of asking "How many racist cops are on the police forces of America?" perhaps ask "Why are there so many incidences of police misconduct directed toward Black Americans?"

Then read things and follow up with more questions.

The country - hell, the world - is getting increasingly complicated and trying to find quick and easy answers is what Faceborg is designed for.  The Borg of Faces, however, is the absolute worst place to get substantive, thoughtful answers to your questions unless the questions you are asking involves how many people your friends have unfriended due to politics and which of your friends get included in a wacky animated anniversary thing. 

What we stopped teaching in schools is the concept of research.  Ask questions.  Form theories.  Debunk these theories.  Find answers (even if they don't gibe with your worldview.)  Change your mind.  Keep going.




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