Two Years and Counting: How's Married Life?

Two years ago today I took a chance on hope.  So did she. 

I had been through two marriages and two divorces.  I had since had one long term girlfriend - the relationship fraught with fights and bizarre power dynamics - and a number of lovers after.  She had been through no marriages but several long time partnerships that didn't work out for various reasons. 

We both were at a crossroads in terms of actually hoping for better than we'd experienced.  At the crux between hoping and giving in to resignation.

Two years ago today, we dressed up in our finery, stood with two of our closest friends, and were married by a slightly drunken turtle of a man in a room in the Chapel of The Bells in Las Vegas.  We spoke our vows and our friends read a poem she had written. 

Speaking for myself, it was the best leap of faith in a life-long series of insane jumps across chasms too large, too steep, too improbable for a man truly gifted with self preservation to attempt. 

How's married life? Excellent. 


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Definitely Give No Fucks But Absolutely Give a Shit

Definitely Give No Fucks But Absolutely Give a Shit