#AllLivesMatter is a Lie and "Privilege" Isn't the Correct Word

Let's be honest with ourselves.

All Lives Do NOT Matter.  The only reason people want to throw that out there is because they don't want to admit openly that Black Lives Do NOT Matter to most Americans.  

  • The homeless guy who sits on the corner in front of the Starbucks who you walk around to avoid any sort of communication with?  His life does not matter.
  • The woman who was raped in an alley by a college swimmer who subsequently served a full three months for the crime?  Her life doesn't matter, either.
  • The kid sent home from school because he didn't wear a bowtie and was shot by a gang member with shitty aim?  His life didn't matter.

Things that matter are things we fight for.  Things that matter have priority in our day-to-day lives.

#AllLivesMatter is rhetoric.
#BlackLivesMatter is not a statement of fact but a demand for recognition of systemic problems that we refuse to address and solve.  A statement of fact would be more like #SomeBlackLivesMatterMoreThanOthers but that sucks as an activist motivator, doesn't it?

The only true hashtag in this day and age is #MYLifeMatters and on a planet of seven billion, that isn't very significant unless you do something that gets the attention of perhaps 0.01% of that population.

#AllLivesMatter is the product of white privilege but even that term is bullshit.  A privilege is a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people.  Not being shot for a traffic violation isn't a special right, it is a basic human right.  Not being imprisoned in absurd numbers based on the color of your skin is not a special advantage, it is a simple right of being a human and a citizen of the country.

I'm a white male.  I wasn't privileged to be born a white male.  I was lucky.  I was lucky because the country was designed by and for white males.  Sure, it took the labor of African slaves, women and immigrants to make it happen but the design was by the white guys with land.  

The idea of "white privilege" infers that the way to balance is to take that privilege away.

Taking basic human rights away from the lucky assholes born into the catbird seat is NOT the goal.  Giving every single human, regardless of label or skin color or gender, those basic human rights IS the goal.  To be clear, the goal is NOT to have more white men shot by the police, incarcerated for drug crimes, live in poverty conditions with underfunded schools and less opportunities.  The goal IS to reform the systemic racism within the construct of American jurisprudence so that Black Americans have the exact same basic fundamental American rights as white men.

So what's stopping this extremely simple and laudable goal from being achieved?


The wealthy ensure that their lives matter and pay out the nose for "special privileges" and "special immunities" available only to them.  Everyone else is soylent green.  And soylent green is PEOPLE.

The Only Certainty is That There are No Certainties

Take Care of the Cow You Have

Take Care of the Cow You Have