The Apes are Branching Out!

For more years than he cares to elaborate upon, the Literate Ape produced hundreds of theatrical productions.  For the last decade, the Gorilla Who Can Read has produced hundreds of events for public radio.

Once again bitten by the bug, the Literate Ape is now producing even more events under his own handle.

Which means this digital magazine is also a production company of sorts.

The prolific Nestor Gomez reached out following the election of Donald Trump and wanted to put up a couple of nights of storytelling specifically related to those most at risk under the presidency of a man who so effectively branded racism, sexism, and outright xenophobia as selling points.  


Literate Ape presents In Danger of an Orange President, two evenings of true stories by people most at risk in the wake of the transition to power of a thin-skinned racist, sexist xenophobe with the uncanny skin tone of a packet of pumpkin spice.

In Danger of an Orange President features some of Chicago’s most talented storytellers:

Tuesday December 20
Jacoby Cochran, Ada Cheng, Kevin D'Ambrosio, Scott Whitehair, Jasmin Cardenas, Don Hall and Nestor Gomez.

Wednesday December 21
Phylis Porche, Archy Jamjun, Annalise Raziq, Michael Herzovi, Sarah Bunger, Steve Glickman and Diane Kastiel

In Danger of an Orange President will take place on Tuesday/Wednesday, December 20/21 at 7:00pm at Gman Tavern, 3740 N. Clark.  Tickets are $10 (cash only) and includes a free beer.

Hosted and curated by Nestor Gomez (twelve-time Moth Story Slam champion, two-time Moth Grand Slam champion, and one of Chicago's most prolific storytellers The two nights will give voice to concerns, both genuine and sarcastic, over the election of an unqualified leader but a qualified boob.

Literate Ape is a digital magazine/blog written by apes who have learned to read and write.  Edited by Don Hall (WBEZ, and formerly of The Moth and WNEP Theater from a thousand years ago), Literate Ape currently includes the musings of 15 contributors from Chicago to Boston to Los Angeles and can be found at

There will be more.  Oh yes.  So much more.

identity politics

identity politics

"It's complicated."

"It's complicated."