Guilt by Association

To face those facts and then demand empathy for the people who made them a reality—who backed racist demagoguery, whatever their reasons—is to declare Trump’s victims less worthy of attention than his enablers. To insist Trump’s backers are good people is to treat their inner lives with more weight than the actual lives on the line under a Trump administration. At best, it’s myopic and solipsistic. At worst, it’s morally grotesque.

Excerpted from There’s No Such Thing as a Good Trump Voter

There's a lot of fear and anger out there in the Liberal bubble.  Once that bubble was burst, the feels started coming out like it was Armageddon.  And that is not to imply that those feels are not justified.  With Trump adding the Goebbels Five to his administration and white supremacist hate crimes and harassment spiking like it was 1952, there is good reason to be anxious if you're not a white male wearing pants that fit and a healthy love of football combined with an unhealthy hatred of multiculturalism.

Scared and angry people make bad decisions and generally tend to say things they may regret later on.  I suppose, given that the idea of a Trump presidency has the collective Masscult of Progressive Thought all panty-bunged, it makes perfect sense that the collective response is to find someone - anyone - to blame for it.  Calling 60 million Americans who voted for the man a bunch of racist, sexist, xenophobes is par for this particular course.

Even if it's a bit hyperbolic and smells of the tactics of the Tea Party.

A Faceborg meme traveling around to help us feel complete in our self righteous rage.

A Faceborg meme traveling around to help us feel complete in our self righteous rage.

By the lack of logic employed in this huge whitewashing of a quarter of the voting population, we can find all sorts of giant paint brushes designed to completely eliminate any sense of context or nuance in our day-to-day commentary.

  • Cubs owner Ricketts donated millions to Donald Trump.  Therefore anyone celebrating the Cubs win endorses racism, sexism and xenophobia.  You pieces of filth for supporting a baseball team rooted in the politics of hate.
  • You enjoy Dilbert?  Racist.
  • This past weekend you needed to baste your political sorrows in a cold can of delicious PBR or Miller High Life and by doing so, you are a sexist supporter of MillerCoors, a company who fully supported Trump.
  • Chillin' and listening to some Kanye?  You are a disgusting racist piece of shit and I hope you choke on your own vomit.

Those Trump Thumpers only voted once.  By spending your money time and time again on companies and past-times that openly supported his candidacy you voted multiple times and, by your own logic, you are now whitewashed as well.

Now you argue that that is horseshit and that guilt by association is not the same thing.  You cry out in rage that YOU didn't vote for fascism, you only helped finance it.  After all, you're open minded and are allowed to express your frustration and anger by monolithing 60 million people in spite of the Progressive stance against that very practice for more than a century.  Your feels are righteous so your prejudices are justified.