Literate ApeCast Ep. 20 — How to Be a Better Husband and The Dilemma of Legacy

In this episode, David and Don breakdown ways to be better at marriage (thus hoping to avoid Don’s multiple divorces) and result with the concept of leaving a legacy once one croaks. Also some stuff about the fact that David will soon be a parent.


AND…six things for you to do because you need their advice so that you don’t die alone in your apartment only to be found years later with the television still on as you rot.

Literate ApeCast Ep. 14 — LIVE! with Mike Vinopal & Brian Sweeney

On this, the first live episode of the ApeCast at GMan Tavern, Don, David and guests Mike Vinopal and Brian Sweeney talk about working as a television extra, the fact that Mike dated Don's wife before they got married, Jerry Lewis's The Day the Clown Cried, and each person's favorite film of 2017. Also, we are treated with a song by Mike.

Plus, as always, six things for you to do this week...