Literate ApeCast Ep. 3 - You Are Not Frank Castle or Louis C.K.

Literate ApeCast Ep. 3 - You Are Not Frank Castle or Louis C.K.

In this episode, Don and Dave cover the recent "apology" by Louis C.K., the fact that David calls his wife's genitals something really odd, and wrestle with the cultural love of Frank Castle despite the rash of angry white guys shooting people.

Also, each give audience members three tasks for the week to keep you on your toes.

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Literate ApeCast Ep. 2 - Working Out With The Dark Knight

Episode 2 has Don and David discussing in depth the problems associated with the recent movement of calling out sexual harassment from thirty years ago as well as the brilliance (Don) or bullshit (David) of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy.

Plus, three suggested tasks for the week from each.

Literate ApeCast Ep. 1 - Ira Glass is a Douche

A Camp Story: The History of Lake of the Woods & Greenwoods Camps (Landmarks)

This American Life: Episode 109 Notes on Camp 

The Mr. T Experience on Spotify 

On this, the inaugural episode, Don and David talk about preemptive blocking on Facebook, the time Ira Glass totally douched on David after exploiting him for TAL, and David's 20th high school reunion that he didn't attend and the concept of high school bullies.

Plus, each suggest three things you should definitely do this week.