Donald Trump Will Never Be Impeached

Donald Trump Will Never Be Impeached

By Peter Kremidas

Donald Trump will never be impeached.

Even though he should be.

Even though the deluge of facts Mueller finds will be damning.

Even though it is the right thing to do.

It won’t happen.

Because in order for impeachment proceedings to move forward, it requires Republican support. And since when did facts and doing the right thing have anything to do with Republican policy?

If facts and the right thing mattered to Republicans, we’d have comprehensive legislation to mitigate the effects of climate change, Obamacare wouldn’t be under constant sabotage, gun control would be at least honestly debated instead of the current non-starter policy of giving us a "You’re fucking kidding, right?" face, they wouldn’t still be pushing the economic policy of give rich people more money and just wait that we’ve all watched fail multiple times, they would have never even started kicking gay people so hard that bigots’ votes come out their mouths.

I mean shit, they wouldn’t even be Republicans. Ignoring data and just going balls first into "Because we said so," is kind of their whole brand now. Of course, it’s always with our balls they do that with. And yes, for the purposes of metaphor, women have balls, seeing as Republicans tend to rack them the hardest. I didn’t forget about you. How many times do they have to govern like a coked out frat boy with a penchant for social darwinism and then royally fuck up before the country collectively figures out that maybe they aren’t trustworthy?

The answer, and it actively yanks joy out of from my heart to say this, is never. And we liberals should have figured this out decades ago. And yet here we are hanging our hopes on them to see all the damning evidence Mueller is about to hoist up a flagpole and then do the next logical thing. But think about it, think about it honestly, and yes, objectively, when has this American political party ever given us reason to believe they would do the next logical anything?

Here’s the part where I say, "Yes, yes, Democrats have their problems, too." Which I have to do because we live in a country and media culture so intellectually lazy they can’t handle the idea that it isn’t just both sides, that the two major political parties have different types and degrees of problems, that there is no left wing equivalent of the Limbaughs, Hannitys and Coulters of the world, that the far left is not equivalent to the far right in behavior nor efficacy of ideas, or even that, get this, there isn’t even such thing as a political spectrum except in the imagination as inadequate metaphor.

WIth that out of the way, let’s get into the disincentives and complete lack of incentives republicans have to impeach Donald Trump. You are right to point out that’s Trump’s approval numbers are historically bad, as I assume you have been doing that for several paragraphs now. But let’s look at the process of impeachment. The first step is a vote by the House of Representatives on one or more articles of impeachment. It needs a simple majority vote. And Republicans, who have the majority, represent districts gerrymandered beyond recognition. So while nationally Trump is unpopular, in the districts most Republicans represent he is doing just fine. These Republican representatives no good and well that if they go against the president, it goes against their district. If they go against Trump, they lose their jobs. And they know it.

But surely these voters would be swayed by the sheer magnitude and severity of charges against Trump. Right? Damnit, please don’t make me laugh. And by laugh I mean cry. And by cry I mean scream into a pillow. And by scream into a pillow I mean build an underground bunker and stock it with non-perishables and an incredible digital library. I’m reaching for humor here because trust me this is just as depressing for me to write as I imagine it is for you to read.


Because these voters in these districts are consumers of what has been the biggest enemy of responsible governance for a long time now, right wing media. This is a genre of radio, television, and internet personalities that makes its money but pushing the rage button in people’s brains, with little regard for facts or consequences. It’s an addictive rush they elicit, and they are extremely good at it. It is also hugely profitable.

It is no exaggeration to call this propaganda, and to call it dangerous. It creates an extreme skepticism of traditional source based media, and replaces that with a trust in right wing propaganda that is being extremely loose with facts. And when they are told that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, or that Obamacare has death panels, or that Hillary Clinton is selling nukes to the Russians, they believe it. Not only will this contingent of voters, who their representatives are beholden to, be completely unconcerned with whatever charges are brought up, debate will be with them will be impossible because we do not even occupy a shared reality.

If you want a preview of how republicans and their constituents will react to Trump impeachment proceedings look no further than the present world. They attack the messenger, Mueller. They accuse him of dishonesty. They ask why there is no focus on the crimes of Hillary Clinton, despite the fact that they are non-existent. There is no situation in this media climate of pervasive financially lucrative brainwashing where any articles of impeachment pass the house of representatives.

The Republicans have nothing to gain and everything to lose by going against the president, and it’s because of the rabid right wing base they require support from. And, it is also important to note, our distorted cultural view of what defines fairness and objectivity when we talk about politics, and the huge amount of false equivalency it engenders, only serve to embolden these far right narratives via continued tolerance for (so called) conservative talking points as if they are just the other side of a rational debate.

If you find hope in a democratic controlled house post 2018 elections, I once again point you to how extremely gerrymandered the districts are. Roughly 30 percent of the country has been sectioned off in such a way that a disproportionate amount of power has been given to the angry and gullible. It is extremely unlikely we will see Democrats in power in Congress in 2018 or at any point during the Trump presidency. I’m sorry. Just as I said when I said Trump would win the presidency, I very much want to be wrong here. I actively want to be convinced otherwise.

Because at this point in America’s history, what is true simply does not matter. And what is right doesn’t matter either. The truth may be that we already lost this fight on Nov. 8, 2016. And maybe we’re trying to avoid confronting how devastating the consequences of that loss truly are. And maybe that’s why we cling to hope that we may yet fix the wrong done on election night. But I do not think these hopes are realistic. We can now only look forward to 2020, where instead of running as a complete outsider, Donald Trump will be running for president with the power of the incumbency and full backing of the RNC, with the likely benefit of expanded voter suppression laws.

I am Matisse

I am Matisse

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