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Required Watching: Minding The Gap (2018)

What Liu has captured really well are the moments of vivid and candid self-awareness they have when they address it, specifically with Zack and his girlfriend, Nina, discussing their cycle of domestic violence, and how it could affect their child. And as trapped as they are, the movie shows this as a result of not just their circumstances, but how they understand and navigate them day to day.

Required Watching: “Bobby Fischer Against The World” (2011)

We have a very specific vision of anyone when we hear people referred to as a “genius,” and that tends to be some version of the Manipulative Bastard. This is the archetype of the naturally gifted omni-observant wonder who scans a crime scene for clues to fight evil, and because of it, be a huge dick to everyone. We love this jerkass character for all it’s perfect-answering wish fulfillment, snappy comebacks, and the assumed amount of social credit it takes to be a douche.

Required Watching: "Nuts!" (2016)

I know what you're thinking, and are absolutely correct: this is about goat balls. Specifically, about Dr. John R. Brinkley, who in the 1910s developed a cure for impotence by suturing goat testicles into scrotums. He claimed to have done this thousands of times, which is at least partially supported by the fact that he made millions off of it.

Required Watching: "Tabloid" (2010)

In 1977, former Miss Wyoming, Joyce McKinney, met a young Mormon named Kirk Anderson in Utah and she fell in love. According to her the two had a classic meet-cute while driving. Within days they were ready to run away together. But, suddenly, he disappeared, off on his mission trip to England.

The 5 Stages of Grief When You Realize God Is Dead

That’s the one thing atheists tend to forget: this is a process. You don’t just stop believing this stuff. It takes a long time. And it’s scary. You’re scared to look into the black hole, because all you see is darkness. You wonder how you’re even here at all. How are any of us here? Then you ask the question everyone gets to: “What keeps you from killing yourself?”

Recent Memory: Case File #0002: "The Millennium Bug"

What was the news?
The Millennium Bug.

How was this news?
Two thousand years were about to end in the 1990s. We'd all celebrated New Year's before, and seen more than one or two decades go by (stop reading if you haven't, this is PG-13). Even a select few of us are lucky enough to live over 100 years, or cursed by a painting. But, this was "Dick Clark's Rock Hard New Year's Event of 19Goddamn99, Jabronies!." The odometer rolling over into a whole new number. And, damn were some people into it. Jennifer Lopez waited for tonight, Will Smith sampled the name. And Prince, true to form, was ahead of his time. Despite being the construct of a guy who would soon hate March 15, then a Pope who had to fix it, people gave a nearly supernatural significance to the upcoming year of 2000.