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fights we will never win

There's a lot of talk about eliminating cancer. The thing is, that just can't be done. It's a fight we will never win. Cancer is a cellular defect, life jacked up to an exponential degree, and while we may be able to kill cancerous cells, we'll never really be free of cancer, really.

"Taxation is Theft."

"Taxation is theft" is a phrase I've been seeing a lot lately.  Famous "Libertarians" like Penn Jillette are pictured with some quote remarking that taxation is equivalent to the government robbing us at gun point.  Which is fine.  He's allowed his opinion about that, and I certainly agree with Jillette on other things (his story about becoming an atheist is great, I think).

So, I want to work through this, on the internet, so that we can all be on the same page.

If taxation is theft, and theft is wrong, let us stop taxation.

right and wrong

So, this is where I'll tell you that I have often been wrong in my life.  I have been wrong when it really mattered.  I have done wrong with the confidence that what I was doing was right.  I have been wrong when other people have assured me I was right.