All in Don Hall

The Neighborhood Watch is NOT the Richest Guy on the Block

Earlier in the year, Tom and Jack kind of went to war against each other.  First it was just namecalling and that sort of thing but then Jack keyed Tom's boat and all hell broke loose.  Vandalization of property begat slashing of tires and eventually, Tom and Jack, their wives and kids, were routinely out in their yards, hurling shit at one another and generally disturbing everyone on the block. 

Bridges That Only Go One Way Probably Need Burning

In your daily walk, you will encounter, and perhaps, befriend a lot of people. Some of those people require nothing from you and you require nothing from them and, if given time, a bridge of simple mutual enjoyment is built. Others will need things from you and you will find that you need things from them and both fulfill those needs through transaction of time and talent and another bridge of a different sort is built. 

Then there are the one-way bridges.

I Like to Watch | Designated Survivor, Season Three

Of all the many things that got me through the eight years of George W. Bush (rage, vitriol, a massive sense that things had gone completely wrong in the country, a belief that Cheney would figure out how to install himself as dictator, the horror of a pre-emotive war that was protested by more people than the Viet Nam conflict, and writing about all these things daily) was Martin Sheen, Aaron Sorin and The West Wing.