Literate Ape Podcasts

Somehow, these chimps not only learned to write articles but they also figured out how to record podcasts.  All can be found on iTunes, Soundcloud or Stitcher.



The Literate ApeCast

Literate Ape co-editors Don Hall and David Himmel break down the issues of the day and dole out unsolicited opinions about EVERYTHING.

The Sickest Fucking Podcast

The digital equivalent of the Literate Ape live event The Sickest Fucking Stories I Ever Heard, this monthly podcast records five filthy people playing Texas Hold 'Em and trading tales of the obscene, twisted and downright unsavory live at the GMan Tavern in Chicago.


Recorded in front of a live audience at Haymarket Pub & Brewery in Chicago, BUGHOUSE! is 75-minute show designed to interrogate concepts, proselytize truth, and dissect popular thought through a lens of skeptical artistry.  Three bouts, six warriors, three decisions.  BUGHOUSE! aims to definitively answer the most (and least) important questions of the day.

Peculiar Journeys with Don Hall

Peculiar Journeys is an ongoing podcast project designed to record and collect stories.  Both recordings of stories from host/creator Don Hall as well as stories from the countless people who have them but do not get up onstage to share them.