I Believe... [Street Fests Are SOOOO White]

By Don Hall

...that the definition of traumatic narcissism is believing your pain is far more pressing and urgent than everyone else's pain, and constantly reminding the world of that opinion.

...that everyone should create art and find modes of artistic expression but after suffering through an evening of self-indulgent, poorly crafted, lazy art I want to burn my eyes out with a laser pointer and jam coffee stirrers in my eardrums until they pop.

...that you don't get to bitch about all the white people at a street fest if you're one of the white people.

...that there is a huge difference between calling someone a racist and pointing out racism in the system. That difference is painted as a portrait of Donald Trump being fellated by Mitch McConnell with Paul Ryan giving McConnell a rimjob while the Koch Bros are high-fiving in the background.

...that if, as watching I Am Your Negro indicates, we are having the same problems with race as we did 60 years ago, maybe we should look at changing the method of communicating with one another rather than doubling down on the ineffective? Or we could just keep doing what we've been doing and hoping for a better result like the GOP and Trickle Down Economics. That seems to being going well.