I Believe... [Is Taylor Swift Our Nero?]

  By Don Hall

...that if empathy and compassion are your sloganized ideals, it might be more effective if you practiced them as well as preached them.

...that in light of how screwed we are in the world with nature finally fighting back and flooding coastal cities in epic fashion, maybe the trials of being Taylor Swift aren't that fucking important. Methinks she may be Nero fiddling as Rome burns.

Submerged in ice so the flames engulfing us don't burn her.

Submerged in ice so the flames engulfing us don't burn her.

...that, if there is a god, praying for relief and comfort during and following a natural disaster (made exponentially larger because of greed and apathy on our part) seems a bit like asking an axe murderer for a band aid after he chops off your left leg at the knee.

...that we will all be so much less angry and stressed out if we stopped expecting our president to be anything more than he is: a reality television star whose only true motivation for doing anything is the spotlight.

...that the idea of All or Nothing is complete horseshit. Not all cops are murderers, just the ones who murder people. Not all white people are guilty of bigotry, just the ones who are bigots. Not all network television sitcoms suck, just the sucky ones. All or Nothing is the dodge of the intellectually bereft.