I Believe... [Small Minds]

By Don Hall

...that the quote that goes around that posits "Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people."? Yeah, I believe that.

...that the new iOS 11 (in beta now but I'm one of those guys) is exactly what I've been hoping Apple would begin bringing to my iPad Pro—software that really does make a laptop obsolete.

...that anger, like the Force, is only a tool to be utilized. Use it poorly and all you're doing is convincing stupid people to ignore basic facts. Use it wisely and you become a Jedi. Yes, I am a nerd but I have tattoos and am married to a rockstar so deal with it.

...that the works of such great musicians as KISS, Black Sabbath, the Scorpions, and the host of '80s genius are the exact thing needed for a middle-aged white guy to feel deceptively badass.

...that we live in a bizarro-world if Viagra, plastic surgery, teeth cleaning, wart removal and anal bleaching is considered healthcare and birth control is considered a choice.