I Believe... [Scaramucci Even Sounds Like a Death Eater]

...that no one—no one—likes eating kale. That's the same as liking the forced mastication of rancid milkweed. You don't like it but your big brother makes you eat it anyway because you used his Axe body spray without asking.

...that nothing exemplifies the systematic anti-intellectualism of our country's cultural discourse than the phrase "We don't care if you're polished. This is the XXXX, we are not bougie like that," effectively equating polish, professionalism, artistic integrity and focus with wealth and privilege.

...that the role of White House Communications Director is the Defense of the Dark Arts professorial role of Trumpledore's administration.

...that the difference between #OscarsSoWhite and #NoConfederacy is the difference between pointing out your neighbor's kid is wearing a racially insensitive t-shirt and preventing your neighbor's kid from being born. That said, I didn't watch Game of Thrones so the chances I'm watching the same guys do the Civil War are pretty slim...

...that we do not live in a meritocracy nor have we ever. Teaching children that life is fair is a cruelty guaranteed to breed a sense of unrealistic expectation, unearned entitlement and a desperate complacency.