I Believe... [Fearless Leaders Masturbating Each Other with Nuke Threats]

By Don Hall

...that those who fall prey to the polemic of "Real Chicagoans vs. Non-native Chicagoans" are no different than those isolated rural whites who see the world as "You're from Here or You Don't Belong" who voted for Trump in droves.

...that this Sarahah.com thing is sort of like asking the world to take a ball peen hammer and smash one's self-esteem with it until it resembles a Hummel figurine run over by a truck a few times.

...that while Kim Jong Un and The Orange-ish King of Lies self-masturbate in a volley of threats that sound very much like the drunken taunts of a couple of assholes on Division at 1 a.m., the rest of us will be distracted by irrational fears and scaremongering and completely ignore the investigations of Russia's influence on our election process, the dire straits our environment is in and healthcare. You know, because fear of nukes is just more interesting than pretending we will have to face the world as we allowed it tomorrow.

"Can't see their hands but I think there's some jerking off going on..."

"Can't see their hands but I think there's some jerking off going on..."

...that "reverse racism" isn't racism at all but a simple adjustment to even things up a little bit. In the parlance of civilized people, we tend to call that a long overdue slice of justice.

...that the Google Dick wrote the memo and knew he would be fired and knew he would make headlines and knew he would become a momentary star of the MRA movements of Thwarted Penis 'Mercka. That's why he wrote it and emailed it out to everyone.


I Believe that we are witnessing the death rattle of a centuries old belief with a crowd of 200 White Nationalist Nazis too dumb to wear hoods and too cheap to get torches from anywhere but the Dollar Store.  These cats (and the Trump Administration) are the last choke of cancer-laden phlegm the dying body of White Supremacy has to offer.